Preparation of the nail plate is a mandatory step that should not be skipped! If we want to get a beautiful and durable design, we should carefully work the nails and the cuticles around them. High-quality, well-suited tools for manicure and pedicure will allow you to quickly achieve the desired effect. Be sure to familiarize yourself with our offer and focus on the comfort of work!

Nails just picture perfect...

Choose a perfect manicure made by any method and with the use of Victoria Vynn brushes. We have perfected the sizes, shapes and type of bristles, thanks to which the work will be a pleasure while its effects will become the object of admiration.

With Victoria Vynn brushes you can build and extend nails with gel or acrylic gel, apply a hybrid base and any type of decorations.
Nails just picture perfect... - VICTORIA VYNN
Nails just picture perfect... - VICTORIA VYNN
Choose a file that suits your needs. What is the most important? Shape, color, grain, or gradation? Or maybe the type of nails: natural, gel, acrylic-gel?

Find out about the types and benefits of Victoria Vynn nail files. Depending on the gradation, they can be used both for the care of the natural nail plate, as well as for hybrids and nails extended with various techniques.
High quality surgical steel - VICTORIA VYNN
High quality surgical steel
High-quality abrasive material - VICTORIA VYNN
High-quality abrasive material
For professionals - VICTORIA VYNN
For professionals
Explore the world of Victoria Vynn - VICTORIA VYNN

Explore the world of Victoria Vynn


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