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GEL POLISH Top Red Mirage no wipe

Red Mirage presents a typical ruby glitter, with a mix of warm and cool reflections.

Iridescent, ultra-thin petals in 3 different shades, embedded in transparent top provide countless original designs. Irregularly shaped petals in several sizes guarantee a quick and easy way to diversify each manicure and pedicure. The multi-dimensional, sparkling effect can be used on any hybrid color, looks beautiful on dark colors, but will also delight when used on pastels, nude shades or milky white colors. Tops do not have a dispersion layer and do not require wiping after curing in a UV or LED lamp.

A top for light cured designs, without a dispersion layer. Gives the effect of shiny nails for up to 4 weeks. Cured in UV and LED lamps.

Catalogue no: 331490

Size: 8ml

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