We present an innovative product for nail extension and modelling! Master Gel, a 2-in-1 product that combines the best features of acrylic and gel. We offer 11 shades of acrylic-gel.

Cured in a UV / LED lamp.

Designing with MASTER GEL 10 Milky Pink - a pale pink, cool shade.

Master in modelling nails

Manicure with MASTER GEL 09 Dirty Pink.

Opaque nude color in a shade of powder pink. Intended for the application of the building layer. Perfect for designing in a natural shade and for making a construction French. It beautifully enhances the colors of hybrid polishes.
Master in modelling nails - VICTORIA VYNN
Master in modelling nails - VICTORIA VYNN
Master Gel is a 3-phase system. To create a perfect and long-lasting design - in addition to the Master Gel Modeling Nail Gel - you need Master Gel Base, Master Gel Top, Master Gel Liquid and Brush & Spatula.

The unique acrylic-gel formula guarantees comfort of work, full control over the product, without time pressure. Provides a durable and flexible manicure.
Acrylic and gel combination - VICTORIA VYNN
Acrylic and gel combination
Thick, non-levelling - VICTORIA VYNN
Thick, non-levelling
For UV and LED lamps - VICTORIA VYNN
For UV and LED lamps
Explore the world of Victoria Vynn - VICTORIA VYNN

Explore the world of Victoria Vynn


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