Do you want to enjoy a durable and perfect nail design? Do not forget to properly prepare the nail plate before proceeding with it. Reach for preparations and liquids that are necessary to create a beautiful and long-lasting manicure and pedicure.

A unique product to start with is NAIL PREP for degreasing natural nails. Used as the first step in nail design: it degreases and increases the adhesion of any design.

Reliable Gel Polish Tape Bond is an acid-free preparation increasing the adhesion of products to the natural nail plate. It is the foundation for the entire design, perfectly combines natural nails with a hybrid, gel and acrylic-gel base.

Non-invasive removal of cuticles around the nails

The gel for softening and removing cuticles is distinguished by a gel, odorless and vegan formula with a high pH. Quickly and effectively softens and makes it easier to push off or remove cuticles. It deeply cares the delicate cuticles and nail plate, and levels the elasticity balance. The thick consistency and convenient applicator facilitate precise application of the cosmetic.

Starring: Cuticle Jelly Remover
Non-invasive removal of cuticles around the nails - VICTORIA VYNN
Non-invasive removal of cuticles around the nails - VICTORIA VYNN
Cleaner Finish Manicure for rinsing the dispersion layer. It is intended for use in the last stage of hybrid designin. Not only will it effectively remove the sticky layer, but it will also leave nourished cuticles, shiny nails and a very pleasant perfume smell.
Preparing for Mani / Pedi - VICTORIA VYNN
Preparing for Mani / Pedi
Degreasing the nail plate - VICTORIA VYNN
Degreasing the nail plate
Increasted durability and adhesiveness - VICTORIA VYNN
Increasted durability and adhesiveness
Explore the world of Victoria Vynn - VICTORIA VYNN

Explore the world of Victoria Vynn


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