Are you a gel method fan? Regardless of whether you want to build on a form, tips or want to strengthen the natural nail plate... Build Gel is for you!

Durable, strong, reliable

Self-levelling and flexible gel for building nails, thanks to its unusual properties will provide exceptional comfort of work, which from now on will become easy and fast. Reach out for construction gel Build Gel and see for yourself how quickly it will meet your expectations: beautiful and durable design.

In the picture: Build Gel 10 Pink Glass.
Durable, strong, reliable - VICTORIA VYNN
Durable, strong, reliable - VICTORIA VYNN
The extensive Build Gel offer includes colorless gels with a delicate color and varying degrees of coverage. The colors blend perfectly with each other, thanks to which we get even more shades. To achieve the effect of natural nails, you do not need to apply a colored polish, just shine with a top coat.

All Build Gel colors are available in two sizes: 15 and 50 ml. For curing in a UV / LED lamp.
Self-levelling - VICTORIA VYNN
Three-phase system - VICTORIA VYNN
Three-phase system
For UV and LED lamps - VICTORIA VYNN
For UV and LED lamps
Explore the world of Victoria Vynn - VICTORIA VYNN

Explore the world of Victoria Vynn


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