Portable manicure milling machine

  • Smooth milling cutters action, free of vibration
  • Possibility of change of rotation direction
  • Adjustable speed
  • Easy replacement of milling cutters, without the use of a tool
  • Rotation speed from 0-35000 RPM.
  • Portable

Manicure milling machine for professional use. Modern and ergonomic design, functional, convenient to carry thanks to the handle. Easy replacement of milling cutters in the twist-lock system, without the use of a tool. Rotation speed from 0-35000 RPM, even with the highest rotation speeds smooth action of the milling machine – free of vibration, stable. Possibility of change of rotation direction.

The Milling machine is equipped with:

LCD speed monitor, speed regulation knob, controller for hands/feet, forward/reverse controller, DC motor switch, casing head stand and holder, foot pedal switch, adapter cord, carrying handle, DC micro motor, foot pedal, a set of 5 milling cutters.

Voltage range: 110-220V, 50/60HZ